Discover The True Beauty Of Australia – Nora Creina Bay, South Australia

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The stunning Nora Creina bay is located between Robe and Beachport on South Australia’s south-east coast overlooking the Southern Ocean. Nora Creina Bay is about 99 kilometres to the north-west of the city of Mount Gambier and about 290 kilometres south-east of the state capital of Adelaide.


Nora Creina bay contains a semi-circular beach bounded by prominent 20 m high calcarenite headlands and reefs. The bay 500m wide entrance together with the reefs, lower waves at the shore to less than 0.5 metre, making it the best and safest swimming beach between Robe and Beachport.


So remember to visit this place the next time you're in South Australia!


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Location: Nora Creina Bay, South Australia



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